How To Start And Grow Your Own Personal Blog Brand

What becomes important is you take command of your online identity, your personal branding as soon as possible. This is the initial introduction of your online journey, so start immediately before others form an opinion of you. Your online branding begins with a personal blog. People on the Internet are finicky, impatient, and if they … Read more

How To Choose The Best WordPress Web Host For Beginners

WordPress is now synonymous when needing a personal, corporate or a news type of website. It is now the Internet’s preferred (CMS) content management system. Because of this, what’s now available are a variety of WordPress specific hosting services, to best cater to this platform. There are some however who think that WordPress is just … Read more

How To Force Your Brand Into A Consumer Habit

The Internet is now the busiest place on earth. This when it comes to contributing and retrieving information, which usually leads towards an e-commerce exchange. Users are now becoming desperate for instant and accurate information for answers to their problems, issues, or concerns. They’re also continuously forced to muddle through all of the unwanted or … Read more

The Secret Of The Internet And Your Marketing Efforts

There wasn’t a huge celebration when the Internet was first plugged in. Many did wonder however why it was created, it’s concept, and more importantly what its original purpose was. Everything has a beginning. This is the humble birth of the World Wide Web, and why it was conceived. The Internet began as a glimmer … Read more

Psychological Triggers That Influences People To Buy

So how do you get your prospects browsing your blog to take action on what you’re marketing. It comes down to persuasion. Think of the traditional door-to-door salesman selling vacuum cleaners, life insurance, or magazine subscriptions. They know how to influence. They all knew the triggers on why people buy. They know the exact psychological … Read more

Reasons Why Consumers Choose One Brand Over Another

When it comes to our decisions based on a purely mechanical and biological basis, what our subconscious mind does is it takes a crude visual inventory of what’s registered by the retina. This information is then transmitted to the brain, which will attempt to analyze and process it. The subconscious brain will transfer the data … Read more