Psychological Triggers That Influences People To Buy

So how do you get your prospects browsing your blog to take action on what you’re marketing. It comes down to persuasion. Think of the traditional door-to-door salesman selling vacuum cleaners, life insurance, or magazine subscriptions. They know how to influence. They all knew the triggers on why people buy. They know the exact psychological … Read more

Ways To Build A Better WordPress Blog To Get More Traffic

The majority of the blogs out there on the Internet, including some Affiliate Marketing blogs are not user friendly enough. They should act as a filter to an existing company, business or a product. What blogs do is they add a human element. They add a social component to the online concern, one that adds … Read more

Reasons Why You Can’t Get Traffic To Your Blog And Make Sales

Are you getting frustrated because you started blogging to earn money, but are not seeing the results that you hoped for? Do you feel that you?re spinning out of control, not knowing what to write about, work on, and when? You’re wondering how you can possibly do everything at once, this to get traffic, and … Read more

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